Waves – ColdWater – Rockabye Medley

In this article I’m going to share with you my music cover, which is the medley of three pop songs: Waves by Mr Probz, Cold Water by Justin Bieber and Rockabye by Anne -Marie ft. Clean Bandit.     

The idea of this medley came out of my mind when I first listened to Cold Water, the sound was similar to Waves so I thought it would have been cool to gather the two songs. I surfed youtube in order to see if other artists had the same idea and I found out that very few had it done so I decided to prepare it and perform it myself.

The first thing to do is to listen to the songs and try to understand if they have the same chords, to do this you can also help yourself with a musical instrument, it is very difficult to understand this by the ears. Nevertheless, if they are in totally different chords you can take the instrumental karaoke of one of the songs and try to sing a little part of each of the songs you want, in order to  understand if you can continue on this road or you have to change the songs.

So what I did was, taking the instrumental karaoke of Waves and sing both of the songs on it, and fortunately everything sounded incredible. The medley still felt lacking of something so I decided to try Rockabye ( which was everywhere in the radio at the time), I was quite insicure about it but at the end it sounded amazing!

The work and research took me a month, because after finding the right instrumental to sung upon, you have to choose the right chorus part of the songs, what I did was really simple, I took the most popular/appreciated lyrics of each of the songs and “glued” them together. Then I went in the recording studio of my friend Matteo and we transformed my thoughts in reality. Down below you will find the link to my youtube channel in which you will find this medley and other cover song. Hope you enjoy them and let me know in the comments if you liked it!


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