Aperitivo on the Beach Outfit

This summer I’m going to experience something new, I’m going to be singing in beach clubs in my region (Emilia Romagna) during the “aperitivo time“, which means entertaining people on the beach while they are eating/drinking and preparing them selves for the events of the night. This type of “event”, aperitivo, is definitely became a must during the last 5 years for Italians, it is a nice way to meet with your friends, usually, after work and spend some few hours chatting and gossiping about the day. I would define the vibe of an aperitivo as “Chill“, because it is all about drinking (the so called ” Spritz“, which is a drink made of: prosecco, bitter and sparkly water or seltz) and eating finger food, crisps and indeed mostly having a good time.

The music that you will have/make can be of two types, depending on the importance/coolness of the beach clubs: if this building is popular, cool and the people who are attending the event are sophisticated then you will have to adapt the music to the location. I would recommend to play a sort of lounge music, or even remake in a cool but chilled way pop songs. Nevertheless, if the beach club is popular but it still has families and people still wearing their bikinis, then you can feel more relaxed and you can play those songs that everyone like and you could also invite people to sing with you!

My outfits will be composed of two types of style: the daytime and the nightime, because the aperitif starts during the sunset  but it finishes into the night, my outfit will need to be balanced. My choice of outfits will also follow the current trends and the atmosphere of the night.

My outfit ideas will be the ones in the pictures down below, which are taken by the Instagram profile of two famous Italian bloggers/Instagramers:                                    Martina Ravotti and Giulia Gaudino.


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