The Pre – production of a music video

Dear all,

last week I was participating at an Applied project organized by the school in which the task was to create a music video for an Italian singer and I have learned how the process before creating a video works (pre-production), of which I didn’t even knew the existence. Me and my friend participated and it was one of the best experience ever.

So I wanted to share with you how the preparation works and how important it is to have everything really clear in your mind before planning to actually shoot a video.

The task was to handout a presentation in which all the details of the video were present in order to help the viewers, the teachers and the singer understand the idea.                Our presentation was divided in this order: Concept, Storyboard, Description in detail (location, makeup and hairstyle,styling, lights, camera) of every scene and the Aesthetic from which we took inspiration and that we wanted to recreate in the video.              Indeed, if you are making a video for your own needs, than you do not have to handout a presentation, but I would suggest you to create one anyway. Making every step of the video really clear is important, in order to make a professional job.                                        I will now explain in detail the points of the presentation:

Concept:  ” an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct.” (Thesaurus).  In other words, it is a general description of our video is going to talk about. For example: ” Cloe is an alien and throughout the story she is going to develop as a character because she will face many adventures, at the end she will be the hero and she will return to her planet happily.”

Storyboard: ”  a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations  or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre – visualizing a motion picture, animation, or motion graphic interactive media sequence.” (Wikipedia) .     It is a blank Keynote/Words/Pages  document in which you design/draw squares in order to describe and illustrate the story’s sequence of event. 

Description of the Scenes:  a statement, picture in words, or account that describes; descriptive representation. ” (Thesaurus).     It is a very exhaustive description of how the scenes are going to be shot and all it takes to do to make it in that way. Indeed if there are some actors we will have to write what kind of            make-up/styling/ hairstyles moreover the lights that we need, the framing and location.

Aesthetic:  a particular individual’s set of ideas about style and taste, along with its expression.” (Thesaurus)  It is the main inspiration from which you develop  your story, in terms of images/lights/colors and what concerns the sphere of “aesthetics”.

Finally, these are the four simple steps you need to create and follow for the making of a music video, these are the steps of the pre-production. 




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