How to dress for a concert

Today the topic is how to dress for a concert, since it is the first post of this category  before giving you actual outfit to wear, I’m going to explain what I’m going to talk about and to list the facts that I feel are the most important.

In this category my aim is to share with you what I have learned/ observed from my personal experiences and from other artist’s on stage performance outfits and what to wear when you are going, as an audience, to a concert. In this post I’m going to concentrate on the first topic.

What I have learned from the on stage performance that I have done is that you have to follow the mood of the song you are going to sing, so for example, if you are going to sing ” Someone like you” by Adele you are going to choose a more elegant, basic color palette, in order to be coherent with the feeling of a song, a basic long black dress opened at the back would be perfect. At the same time if your going to sing ” Kissing Strangers” by DNCE, you would use a more colorful/ young style, because it would fit the vibe of song, so a t- shirt with writings on and a pair of jeans.

Let’s imagine you are on stage, singing ” Happy” by Pharrell Williams and wearing a black outfit… the message of the song wouldn’t pass and you wouldn’t be coherent. There are obviously exceptions but in general I would follow this “rule”. No need to say that you must feel comfortable in what you are wearing, the last thing I would do is wearing something strange that doesn’t feel ok with the artist I am.                                Let me explain better: If you feel comfortable wearing extravagant clothes like Lady Gaga because it fits with the message you want to convey or it is truthful to your personality than you are perfectly going in the right direction, but don’t wear clothes that don’t match your personality because you wouldn’t feel and you wouldn’t sing at your best. This advice comes from personal experience: my singing teacher once obliged me to wear super high heels during a performance and all the time I was thinking about not falling and I definitely didn’t think of how to put on the best performance I could and to enjoy it, so be careful, follow your personality.

You can dare but do it in the most comfortable way.

If you are going to perform an animated song in which you might have to dance try to choose an outfit in which you can stretch and move, artists like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus use culottes or bodysuits.

Finally, if you are going to have a live performance at the beach then read my next post on ” how to dress for concert at the beach!”




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