Convention day indoor

In this post I’m going to talk about how to choose the perfect outfit for a convention day indoor.

My parents job is to help other people to feel happy, loved but most of all healthy in terms of body so what we put inside it in order to have all the nutrients  we need to live a healthy lifestyle by integrating people’s “diet” with supplements. Usually during the weekend or once every 3 months they have to go on stage and teach other people how to work and share with everyone their true experience with the products.                                So two weeks ago my mum asked me for help, as usual, to find her the outfit to wear on stage. If you are going to have a convention these days and you don’t know what to wear please continue reading.

The first important thing to understand is the location where you  are going to talk, so if it is outdoor or indoor, (in my case it was indoor), and from here if it is going to be outdoor you will have to know if it is going to be nice weather or not if it is at the seaside or in the city. The second thing to know it is the context of the convention, let me be more clear: if you are going to talk in a convention in a city/country in which there are some rules on how to dress you must be respectful towards the people you are hosted, if my mum is going to talk in Dubai maybe even outdoor, I will never let her wear a low cut t-shirt or a very short skirt. The third important rule that I would follow is the rule of “Elegance“, a women can be very good looking even if is not wearing provocative clothing, also if you are talking in a convention you are representing your company so you must be very careful on what you are wearing, you must be a little bit more conservative, you wouldn’t want to let a particular message pass in a wrong way. You are representing your company but most of all your self.

Mum’s event was indoor and during the day time so the colors I have chosen for her outfit were definitely more light so pastel, this spring/summer flowers seem to be on trend so why not use them, they are very feminine but also elegant if used in the right way ( nevertheless, keep an eye on the flower prints because some of them are too big and with very flashy colors so make a good selection). After a good selection I’ve chosen a pair of white trousers with flower prints on it, white blouse and a pair of black stilettos.

Finally, don’t forget to pair the outfit with the right make – up and hairstyle, which in this case would be more basic.


White trousers with prints   35€

White blouse: 29,95€

Black stilettos:  35,99€

Total price: 100, 94 €


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