About me


I’m a 22 years old Italian-english girl born in Ravenna, lived all my life in Bologna and currently studying in Florence.  I am the result of the love of two incredible people: my parents, Elda and David (you can guess which one is english). Their story begun just like a fairy tail would. Mum was in London with a friend and dad was actually living in there, they met at midnight in Piccadilly Circus, London, dad asked mum for her telephone number but as the perfect Italian she wouldn’t trust him so he decided to give his. A Few days later mum decides to call him but she realises she has lost the number (so sad), but fortunately, days after she was walking in the centre of London and she met the guy which was with dad the night they met and he gave it back to her ( Thanks Chico if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here!). They spend their relationship through letters and then suddenly Dad decided to come to Italy and he never left. The reason why I’m telling you this story is because it sums up in a way my character. I’m very determined in all aspects of life, I love happy endings, I hate sad stories, I always try to be grateful for what I have but in a good way I’m happily unsatisfied. I love both Italian and english food and  I try to eat healthy because for me it is important to feed my body with good nutrition, an healthy body can give you healthy life. In terms of Horoscope I’m a Pisces and from here I can say that it is true that we always tend to change our mood!! My character can be defined as philosopher Schopenhauer’s definition of life: “La vita umana è come un pendolo che oscilla incessantemente fra noia e dolore, con intervalli fugaci, e per di più illusori, di piacere e gioia “. Meaning: The human life is like a pendulum that oscillates incessantly between boredom and joy, with fleeting and illusory intervals, of joy and pleasure.

 I’m definitely hypochondriac, in fact one of my biggest fear in life is a disease. Since I was very little I used to feel comfortable and extremely happy to dress people in order to make them feel beautiful, for example during the first year of high school, my class was going to perform in a theatre, in german (because it was one of the languages we were studying) and I spend the whole afternoon in the dressing room doing make up/ hair and outfits to my classmates. From here you can tell why I decided to open a blog about outfit ideas and why I’m attending a fashion school.

Finally, there is one thing left that I didn’t mention because it is for me the most important and as we all know what remains in our head is the last thing we see not the first. The second part of me, my altered, my refuge, my only way of expression is Music. Because I am quite introvert and I appreciate spending time on my own, also because I’m an only child, so I have developed the skill of feeling confident and able to stay with myself but never actually developed the relationship skills, lets say that I do not have a lot of friends.

Thank you for your time and I hope you will be able to take inspiration from my blog.




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